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Top Essential Oils For Relaxation - Herb Tantra

Top Essential Oils For Relaxation


Our busy and hectic routine lives make us stressful and tensed up. Essential oils help to relieve tensions and everyday worries while promoting relaxation. What makes it even more preferred is the fact that it does not come with any side effects and adverse health effect like those of Pharmaceutical drugs. It possesses the power to relax and calm even the most overworked and stressed up body and mind.

The role of essential oils in promoting relaxation:

Essential oils comprise of special constituent aromatic molecules which when inhaled or applied topically, enhances one’s mood and calms your inner being. This happens as a result of the aromatic molecules entering the blood and reaching the brain. It helps to create positive effects within the body and the brain and in this way controls anxiety, worry, fear, stress, and tension.

Scientific research and studies have indicated that essential oils works are the effect on the heart rate, blood pressure, inhalation and exhalation processes, immunity as well as the stress levels. This is possible due to its stimulating and calming properties. Essential oils are capable of adapting to the requirements and needs of the ailing person.

The following are some of the top essential oils that promote relaxation:

  • Cedarwood Essential oil:

The Cedarwood Essential oil gives out a rich Woody fragrance that is capable of helping a person to relax and calm his or her mind. It is effective in relieving tension
and worries when inhaled directly from an inhaler. It is capable of instant effectiveness. Another major benefit of the Cedarwood
Essential oil is that it enables a good night sleep when sprayed in the bedroom or emitted through a diffuser.

  • Lavender Essential oil:

The Lavender Essential oil is one of the topmost popularly used oils which boosts energy uplifts and calm your mind as well as frees you away from depression. It boosts one’s ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, induce sleep and relax feelings of anxiety and worry.

Utilize the full potential of the lavender Essential oil by adding a few drops of it to an inhaler or a diffuser and inhale it deeply in order to feel instant relaxation and relief.

Lime Essential oil:

The lime Essential oil is easily available and most commonly used for its fresh and invigorating fragrance. Upon inhalation, it gives an instant boost of energy, fights against fatigue, motivates the inhaler and creates a positive Vibe. In this way, it fights against depression and health disorders caused as a result of stress. It enables you to relieve feelings of irritation and worry while clearing the air and uplifting your mood.

  • Eucalyptus Essential oil:

This oil possesses relaxing power. It gives instant refreshment of the mind and boost of energy.  The strong menthol fragrance fights against mental fatigue and boosts brain power. It also stimulates and promotes proper breathing and intake of Air by opening of the Airways, rejuvenate and relieves soreness and anxiety.

  • Bergamot Essential oil:

The bergamot Essential oil emits a unique citrusy rejuvenating fragrance. This is the favorite oil of most Italians for several generations. The bergamot oil is sweet smelling and induces feelings of happiness and positive effects. It also helps to create a relaxed, calm environment with its stimulating and invigorating properties.


It doesn't matter if you had a tough day at work, or if it happens on a daily basis, it is important that you carry a small bottle of your favorite Essential oil to work its magic and do its wonders for you. Essential oils are a natural solution that helps to relax and takes you away from worries and tensions.

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