Step 1 to Wellness

We at Herb Tantra believe that not all discomfort is small enough to ignore, neither big enough to be treated with pills which may have side effects. For all such issues of mild to moderate intensity Herb Tantra products offer a natural, side effect free and non-habit forming alternative. Crafted to be used as the primary course of action.

  • Shubhi

    Migraine Go relieves the throbbing nerves so quickly, and is so much more healthier than just popping a pill! This has become by go to roll on whenever I feel a headache approaching. Absolutely love it!

  • Sapna

    I been using all herb tantra products, it is natural and effective. I have recommended to my friends and family members. I buy for my parents as they are old. Change of climate makes them vulnerable. And I always suggest for roll on and steam drop inhalers it so effective for common cold and blocked nose.

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Backed By Science

We've taken ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and backed it up by modern science to create products that are effective.

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