About Us

Herbal Traditions Revived

We at Herb Tantra are working to revive herbal traditions that used to be part of our households. We're doing so by crafting products that can fit easily into our fast paced lifestyles.

How it started

Herb Tantra was born out of our founders Lokesh and Jayant's search for a natural alternative to reduce their mother's dependence on sleeping pills. Our first product Sleep Buddy was loved among the family and friends. This inspired us to create more products for concerns that effected people in everyday life.

Ayurveda vs Allopathy ?

No that's not the debate. We admire and value modern medicine. Do you remember there was a time when most of our medicines came from our kitchens? But haven't our fast paced lives have led us to injudicious consumption of pain killers and other OTC drugs. With our products we're making it easier for our customers to adopt natural remedies.