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About Us

At Herb Tantra, we believe that the answer to many of life's health challenges lie in the natural remedies that have been passed down through generations. Founded by Lokesh Bhojwani and Jayant Bhojwani, our brand has dedicated itself to harnessing the power of Ayurveda and age-old Indian kitchen remedies to provide holistic solutions for people of all age groups.

Herb Tantra has also embarked on a collaborative journey with Bhutani Wellness, a health and wellness arm from India’s leading real estate company. Together, we are committed to creating products that promote health, happiness, and holistic living.

Our Mission

Popping a pill for every little concern has almost become like a common norm. Our mission is simple yet profound; to bring back our Nani and Dadi ke “nushke” while incorporating it with modern science. Herb Tantra is committed to helping individuals reduce their reliance on daily medications and discover the healing potential of Mother Nature's easy to apply and easy to carry products. 

Our Philosophy

"Plant before Pills" - this isn't just a tagline; it's a philosophy we live by. We are deeply motivated towards making natural alternatives more accessible and effective, which enables us to aim towards a bigger goal. By keeping this vision in mind, our plan is to increase our product range which is more inclusive towards daily, common issues that are mostly faced by people of all age groups. 

Founders Note

My journey began with a simple mission - to find a natural alternative to reduce my mother's dependence on sleeping pills. This quest led to the creation of our first product, Sleep Buddy, which was not only loved among family and friends but also proved to be a game-changer in improving sleep naturally. With common issues rising due to the ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle; Ayurvedic therapies are one of the most effective solutions in the long run. Whether you're seeking relief from common ailments, striving for a healthier lifestyle, or simply looking to reconnect with the natural world, Herb Tantra is here to support your journey.


Lokesh Bhojwani

Herb Tantra co-founder, integrates Ayurvedic wisdom with innovation for holistic health. Graduate from IIT Roorkee and Vlerick Business School, he broadens his perspective through reading and travel.

Jayant Bhojwani

Herb Tantra's co-founder and COO, he oversees operations and strategic initiatives, embodying the brand's commitment to merging ancient wisdom with modern solutions.

Adrija Banerjee

Our Content Strategist and creative virtuoso is a NIFT graduate. She brings a touch of artistry to our team, not only through her story telling but also as a talented Kathak dancer.


Our Graphic Designer with a Fine Arts Masters, seamlessly blends artistry and technical skills, crafting visually stunning designs and adding delightful humor to our workplace.

Divya Varshney

Our exceptional Customer Support Specialist with a Commerce Master's, passionately delivers outstanding service, fostering a positive workplace at Herb Tantra.