Why we exist?

At Herb Tantra our mission is simple: to craft natural products that you can use as first course of action to bring your bodies back to state of wellness.

How are we doing it ?

We’re achieving it by combining herbal traditions passed on to us by our ancestors with the insights of moderns science and creating products that are medically effective, functional and easily embraceable in our modern lifestyles.

How it all began?

Lokesh and Jayant, got inspired to start Herb Tantra when they were seeking for a natural and effective solution for insomnia for their mother, in order to reduce her dependence on sleeping pills. During this quest they realized that there weren’t many natural products in the Indian market and definitely not many that were convenient to use. Whereas there were much more natural products on the international market and ironically most of them had their roots in Ayurveda in some way or the other. So they set out to revive Ayurvedic traditions of India with effectiveness and user experience in mind.

Why choose us?