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Cleaning With Essential Oils - Herb Tantra

Cleaning With Essential Oils

Essential oils not only calms and relaxes one’s mind with its pleasant Aroma, but it also contains antimicrobial properties that make it an effective alternative for cleaning your home and surroundings. Essential oils have a wide range of cleaning uses that can be made use of in the kitchen, bathroom as well as for your laundry. You can also add these Essential oils to your homemade cleaning products.

All of us are aware of the fact that the traditional commercial cleaners have Chemicals that are harmful to your skin and General Health of your loved ones. Whereas essential oils are safe to use and you can tap into the power that they possess to clean and maintain a healthy and eco-friendly home environment.

So have you been wondering which of the essential oils can serve as effective cleansers?  Well,  we at Herb Tantra have the complete list of top essential oils that are not only effective in cleaning but are also non-toxic. They include the following:

Thyme Essential oil:

The thyme Essential oil is generally made use for purposes of cleaning, at a dilution rate of 1%.   This oil is highly effective in eliminating a wide range of germs and is a natural cleanser. In addition to this, it is also easily available in the market and it is a safe cleaner which can be applied on surfaces and other areas that require cleaning. It is also kid-friendly and gives out a fresh herbal fragrance. You can mix the thyme Essential oil with lemon, peppermint, lemongrass, and spearmint to give amazing soothing fragrances.

Lemongrass Essential oil:

This Essential oil gives a fresh, citrusy, and tea-like fragrance that makes it the perfect cleanser in every DIY home project. The contents of the lemongrass Essential oil is effective in ridding one’s home of germs. It is powerful and effective for cleansing purposes at a 1% dilution rate.

Lemon Essential oil:

The lemon Essential oil gives a fresh citrusy fragrance and it is the perfect addition for almost every cleaning product. The lemon oil extracted is a natural cleanser which can be used in cleaning utensils and the kitchen sink to eliminate bad odor. It can also be used in laundry washers to give it an extra fresh citrus fragrance.

Sweet Orange Essential oil:

The Sweet Orange Essential oil gives out a sweet, fresh and uplifting fragrance that gives your surroundings a soothing ambiance. It is suitable for cleaning dirt grease and grime with its special solvent known as the limonene. It is suitable for cleaning purposes across kitchen countertops, surfaces, cutting boards, bathrooms, Kitchen Sinks, wash basins, and other surfaces so as to make them germ-free. The sweet smelling fragrance of the oil purifies the air and gives a clean and refreshing feeling.

Lavender Essential oil:

The Lavender Essential oil is widely used in several cleaning products for its versatility and relaxing fragrance. It's very name denotes and translate as ‘ to wash’. This special oil is also widely used in several factory-manufactured and homemade soaps as well as in laundry soaps.  It is one of the most preferred choices as it easily blends with other oils like that of lemon, tea tree, and peppermint oils.


The above essential oils make it simple and easy to clean your home. You can add essential oils along with baking soda, water a, d soap to make a paste that is effective in cleaning toilets bathrooms, Countertops and tubs. You can also add vinegar do it and spray across floors, counters, stove tops and doors

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