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Essential Oils And Mental Focus - Herb Tantra

Essential Oils And Mental Focus


Did you know that Essential oil possesses the powers to keep you mentally focused? There are several essential oils that are used to energize, Strengthen and to focus your mind in order to prepare you well to grasp and understand the concepts that you are learning. It doesn't matter whether you are learning your school subjects, preparing for a presentation at work, or even for One’s own self-improvement. This article guides you through sticking with your goal.

The following are some of the essential oils that give that extra boost that is needed for your brain.

  • Basil linalool:

Basil linalool is one of the top preferred choices for refreshing your mind and enabling you to stay focused.  It is also a widely used culinary herb. All one has to do is inhale the basin linalool Essential oil and feel alert both mentally and physically as the refreshing Aroma removes brain fogs and reduces stress. In addition to this, it also enables you to focus on the tasks at hand and reduces anxiety and excitement.

  • Peppermint:

The peppermint essential oil when inhaled boosts focus, concentration, memory, attention, and productivity. It is a powerful brain booster and energizer. So if you are looking to wake up your mind, clear out the brain fog and destress yourself, then peppermint is your right choice. It helps you stay on track and keeps you on your work. In addition to this, peppermint is also widely popular for its fragrance and healing properties.

  • Rosemary:

Rosemary has a rich history of improving learning abilities, enabling long-term memory, a boost of blood supply to the Brain, increase concentration, prevention of nervous breakdown and an excellent de-stressor. The Aroma of Rosemary Essential oil is invigorating and refreshing.   It comprises of a unique and distinctive compound known as the cineol 1,8., which assists and activates a chemical in the brain that improves memory,  focus and learning abilities.

  • Lemon:

Did you know that essential oils can be made from the lemon as well and that it had an invigorating effect? The essential oils derived from lemon are quite effective as it has abilities to perk up and uplift your mood. It also possesses the power to help in mental clarity, focus and makes you feel energized. In addition to this, the citrusy Aroma makes you feel happy, satisfied, accomplished and to carry on your task with a positive attitude.

  • Lavender:

This Essential oil possesses the powers to calm and relax, thus preparing you for working through your task with complete focus and dedication. The components contained in this oil puts your nervous system at rest and fights against anxiety disorders. It calms your mind and senses during stressful Times. Keeps you productive during your busy day and calms you into a deep restful sleep after a long day.

  • Vetiver:

This herb belongs to the grass family and it is processed to produce a thicker and volatile Essential oil. It gives out an earthy Aroma that enables you to stay grounded and calm in a situation instead of igniting all of your emotional reactions.  The vetiver Essential oil is generally recommended for those who are suffering from ailments that result from shock and emotional trauma. This is what makes vetiver as the perfect oil for massage therapy. It is a de-stressor and helps to promote a peaceful and calm Nights sleep.


At the time of making your choice from an array of essential oils, do a thorough research in regard to its therapeutic properties ingredient components and whether it is suitable for your use.

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