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Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil - Herb Tantra

Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil


Did you know that there are several different ways in which you can make use of the lavender Essential oil? Lavender oil has been widely and popularly used for several centuries throughout history. This bottle of goodness is incredibly powerful, versatile and useful for everyday use. The following are its uses:

  • Mental well being:

The Lavender Essential oil is highly beneficial and effective for your mental Wellness and well-being. If you've been having troubling thoughts and upset feelings in the past few days, then lavender will do wonders in helping to calm your mind and to help you regain stability in life. Lavender is one of the most popular choices when it comes to essential oils as it is capable and effective in giving an immediate calming effect. It can be applied topically and directly to the specific area, or it can be inhaled. Before using, the lavender Essential oil should be diluted at a dilution rate of 2 to 5% with a carrier oil. It can then be applied to the forehead, feet, palms, temples, wrists, and hands. Living in anxiety and negative feelings can cause depression and further health ailments that take away precious hours of your day and a serious toll on your well being. Let lavender essential oil take care of your mental health and well being!

  • Improve sleep:

Lavender essential oils are effective in inducing good quality sleep through the night. It has a high reputation in relaxing and calming your mind and your body and thus reducing stress while enabling you to drift into Dreamland. You can mix a few drops of Lavender oil in water and spray it in your bedroom, this gives it a refreshing ambience while setting you into night mode. You can also add a few drops of the lavender Essential oil to a ball of cotton and keep it near your pillow, This gives out the soothing lavender fragrances that calms you from within.

  • Natural air freshener:

The Lavender Essential oil is also a natural air freshener and it a powerful way of freshening up even the most smelly places. It works its wonders by eliminating foul odour and diffusing stale air from within a room. It has air purifying properties that make it a great choice for spraying around your house and freshening up the air before heading to bed or inviting visitors into your home.

  • Alleviate pain:

Have you been experiencing body pain, tense muscles, bruises or swollen joints? Well, Lavender Essential oil is the solution to your pain problems. This miracle worker helps to alleviate pain, heal bruises and zits. It is highly effective for sensitive skin, discomforts and other skin ailments. Lavender helps to reduce pain to a considerable extent, enabling you to live a pain-free life in comfort. You can blend Lavender oil with other carrier oils to apply topically on the area which is paining, in a dilution rate of 2 to 5%.

  • Relief for headache:

The Lavender Essential oil is a fantastic and great way to eliminate those headaches which ruin your everyday activities. All of us have experienced an unpleasant and throbbing headache that has made everyday tasks difficult. The lavender essential oil comprises of special constituents that are effective and works wonders with its sedative properties and relieves you of headaches and tension in the neck region. It is also a great eliminator of anxiety, stress, negative feelings and restlessness, all of which contributes to headache.


All you have to do is inhale the lavender essential oil for a few minutes and experience the soothing and refreshing feeling that it gives you.

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