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Amazing Benefits Of Jojoba Oil And Its Uses - Herb Tantra

Amazing Benefits Of Jojoba Oil And Its Uses

The Jojoba oil is widely used in cosmetics, skin care products, hair conditioners, perfumes, hair conditioners as well as in homemade products. This jojoba oil is packed with vitamins, minerals and important constituent compounds that are essential for a healthy life and well being. The fragrance from the jojoba oil is refreshing, soothing and has its own healing properties.

We at herbtantra have provided you with some of the top ways in which you can make use of the jojoba oil in your everyday life.

  • Jojoba oil is the top carrier oil for blending with essential oils:

The jojoba oil is one of the top preferred choices and a favourite amongst beauticians for blending with essential oils. This is due to the fact that it is volatile, has a silky texture and it is light and skin friendly, the perfect choice for diluting with essential oils. It is one of the main ingredients used in body care and a wide range of products such as massage oils, lip balms, Luscious body butter, lipstick, lip gloss and more.

  • Makeup remover:

The jojoba oil is also an effective and soothing makeup remover that does not grease up and make your face look Messy. What makes it even more special is that the jojoba oil does not cause breakouts, acne and closing of pores. Instead it helps to heal blemishes, scars, wound acne and other skin ailments. It is similar to the natural sebum that is produced by your skin.  The jojoba oil is not exactly an oil but it is an extract of liquid plant wax. It also serves as an excellent cleanser and anti-irritant. It is gentle and has hypoallergenic properties. It is also effective in killing bacteria, fungi, removal of makeup, excess oil and leaves your skin looking fresh, healthy and smooth.

  • Nourishing body moisturizer:

The Jojoba oil is also a natural nourishing body moisturiser that keeps your skin fully hydrated and lasting for a longer period of time. At the same time it does not leave your skin looking greasy, grimy, heavy and Messy. It is a great moisturizer that gives your skin a satiny feel and it is suitable for all skin types. In addition to this, it also increases circulation and blood flow and  rejuvenates skin cells while eliminating dead cells. It soothes sensitized, rough, dry and reddened skin. It is considered as one of the best emollients. You can add the jojoba oil to your bath and enjoy the experience of healing soft, clean, hydrated and soothed.

  • Strong silky hair:

All of us take plenty of care with our hair as it defines us through our styles, traditions, cultures and enhances the facial features. When jojoba oil is applied on your hair, it gives you strong and healthy hair. Jojoba oil makes your hair look silky, soft and Shiny. Include jojoba oil in your everyday Hair Care routine for frizz free, strong, more manageable, Shiny and smooth hair. It also acts as an excellent conditioner that protects your hair against heat and damage, prevents hair breakage, protects against protein loss and frizz.

  • Strong Nails and health cuticles:

When jojoba oil is applied and massaged on the nails and the finger tips, it nourishes the skin from deep within and gives you strong Nails and healthy cuticles. it possesses superior moisturizing properties and other vital nutrients that protects the nails against breakage, brittleness, dryness and Cracks.


Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, iodine, zinc, copper, antioxidants, fatty acids, and nutrients. This is one of the top nourishing oils that is  effective in making you look young from head to toe.

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